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Management Committee

The Management Committee:

will elect the Action Chair, Vice-Chair, three Working Group Leaders, a Training School Chair, and three members of the Advisory Committee;
will plan the Management Committee meetings;
will plan Workshops, Training Schools and Scientific Conferences;
will evaluate the Progress Reports by the different Working Groups, in relation to meeting their objectives, and monitoring of their milestones;
will prepare the Annual Reports;
will approve the allocation of resources to different activities in order to maximize the impact of the Action and meet the main objectives, through promotion of a good balance of activities (Meetings, Workshops, Training Schools, Short-Term Scientific Missions, Publications, Reports, etc.);
will coordinate the work between the different Working Groups, in order to fulfill the Action objectives and promote a good balance of participation of researchers;
will promote and approve the Short-Term Scientific Missions;
will create and maintain the website for the dissemination of the Actions activities as well as for internal communication;
will promote contacts and common events with related national, European and international research initiatives.