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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee plans and reviews the activities of the Action and reports to the Management Committee as well as to the public (dissemination).

Members of the Steering Committee

1. Bruno Cautrès, Paris
2. Theodore Chadjipadelis, Thessaloniki
3. Cees van der Eijk, Nottingham
4. André Freire, Lisbon
5. Sylvia Kritzinger, Vienna
6. Radoslaw Markowski, Warsaw
7. José Ramón Montero, Madrid
8. David Sanders, Essex
9. Gabor Toka, Budapest
10. Hermann Schmitt (Chair of the Action) as ex officio member
11. Paolo Segatti (Vice-Chair of the Action) as ex officio member
12. Eftichia Teperoglou (Scientific Secretary) as ex officio member